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Past Speakers

The University of Missouri and Mu chapter alumnae and collegians met the challenge and raised the initial funds for the Lectureship endowments in 1996. The inaugural Fall Lecture, presented by Homer H. Hickam, Jr., author of October Sky, in 1999, met with resounding success. In the following years, a host of stellar lectureships were presented including:

Delta Gamma and the University have always been interested in promoting character development and a sense of social responsibility among our community. These lectures explore values and ethics as they relate to personal and professional development in today’s changing world.

  • 2016, Dr. Bennet Omalu, pathologist, discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)
  • 2015, Tim Gunn, author, mentor, activist, American fashion and television personality
  • 2014, Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and United Nations Messenger of Peace
  • 2014, Elizabeth Smart, survivor of a kidnapping in Utah, and advocate for the prevention of child abduction
  • 2013, Aimee Mullins, Paralympic athlete, model and member of the Council to Empower Women and Girls Through Sports
  • 2012, Frank Abagnale, author of Catch Me If You Can, and the inspiration for the film and award-winning musical of the same name
  • 2011, Aron Ralston, outdoorsman, author, engineer, and inspiration for the film, 127 Hours
  • 2010, Sean and Collins Tuohy, portrayed in the film The Blind Side
  • 2009, Lisa Ling, CNN journalist and international correspondent
  • 2009, Joan Brock, author of More Than Meets the Eye
  • 2008, Jeff Corwin, Animal Planet star and conservationist
  • 2007, Christopher Gardner, portrayed in the film The Pursuit of Happiness
  • 2006, Dr. Ronan Tynan, Paralympic gold medalist and opera singer
  • 2005, Dr. Sally Ride, first female astronaut
  • 2004, Sylvia Nasar, author of, and inspiration for the movie, A Beautiful Mind
  • 2003, Antwone Fisher, protagonist of the book Finding Fish and movie Antwone Fisher
  • 2002, Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • 2001, Herman Boone, coach from Remember the Titans
  • 2000, Patricia Russell McCloud, author of A Is for Attitude: An Alphabet for Living
  • 2000, Mitch Albom, author of Tuesday’s with Morrie
  • 1999, Homer H. Hickam, Jr., author of October Sky
  • 1999, Maureen Syring and Marilyn Fordham, former Delta Gamma Council Presidents
Lisa Ling poses in true Delta Gamma fashion with members of the lectureship committee following her lecture in the fall of 2009.

Lisa Ling poses in true Delta Gamma fashion with members of the lectureship committee following her lecture in the fall of 2009.

Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin speaks at Jesse Auditorium in the fall of 2008.

Christopher Gardner poses with the lectureship committee at the reception following his lecture in the fall of 2007.